When moisture is present in a warm environment, it creates a climate which is prime for the growth of mold.   Mold reproduces through spores.  As airborne spores land on moist surfaces, they begin to grow into mold, feeding off of organic material such as wood, paper, carpet, foods, and insulation, etc.  Over time, mold growth will cause damage and deterioration to your home.    


When flooding, or water and moisture damage occur, it is of utmost importance to extract the water and to completely dry the place.   Moisture can come from various sources, including burst or leaking pipes, sewer backup, storm and water flooding, wet basements, appliance overflow, sprinkler systems, etc…  

To effectively deal with mold issues, you must not only dry the affected area and treat the mold, but you must also deal with where the water and moisture came from, correcting the problem.


We are qualified to handle the drying process and are equipped to deal with water extraction, drying, and dehumidification.  We deal with all types of water damages, from clean water, to sewage.


We’re also equipped to clean and treat your home or business in order to rid or eliminate possible mold growth.  Our training and expertise will help you deal with mold issues effectively.  For more information about mold and the ramifications of mold growth, visit the EPA website at:



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